The game

Free to play 3v3v3 extraction arena RPG

Experience RPG genre in a unique 3v3v3 format that combines crafting, building character, PvP and PvE together. Fight in multiplayer matches against other players while at the same time battling minions and bosses. And there's loot..if You could make it.


From a team of passionate developers and gamers comes a multiplayer extraction RPG, combining elements of MOBA-like combat and RPG-like character builds.

Leave the comfort of the Breach, the space between worlds, and come back to Pangea to fight back against ancient monsters and recover the remaining resources of the planet for your own survival.

Once a thriving world of competing scientific factions, Pangea was invaded by the ancient monsters, forcing those factions to flee into the Breach and create Apidoms - mechanical robots, vessels of their consciousness - to return in their stead. They are fast and agile, yet lack the strength to fight back. They must be upgraded.

With limited resources, Tech and Brute factions are forced to come back to the surface of Pangea. There they scavenge for materials and items, crafting and upgrading their Apidoms to fight against the monsters, and each other.

On the surface, Apidoms are faced with constant and dreadful battles, fighting against both the monsters and other Apidoms. The survival of the fittest is the only way to live in a destroyed world, with newly discovered or crafted items allowing the Apidom to survive until the next encounter.

Discover and craft a variety of weapon and armor sets to unlock endless possibilities for building your Apidom. Combine that with skill points gained from battle experience, and each Apidom becomes a unique tank, support, magician…whatever your heart desires, or the situation requires.

Receive Shards and other loot from the battles to craft better items or upgrade the ones you have. Dismantle items you don't want and spend skill points to tailor your Apidom to your needs. There are no predetermined roles but the ones you make yourself!

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