How to?

After building yourself up and gearing up, players wait in lobby.

Matchmaking is automatic.

3 teams with 3 players each* (can also be 1v1v1, 2v2v2, or two teams) starts at random location in the map.

First quest - kill 50 monsters.

There are 2 types of monster available:

  1. Drones - mobile (melee) and static (ranged).

  2. A.R.N.O.L.D - spider like creatures. Always in a group of 3. Explodes after death.


OSIG. It has A LOT of HP and damage. Also - 3 damage de-buffs skills. It roots player down, slows down, or damages on impact by metheor.


By killing 10 Drone type monsters, player will get STR+10% buff. It can be increased up to +30%.

By killing 10 ARNOLD type monsters, player will get DEX+10% buff. It can be increased up to +30%.

By killing RaidBoss, player will get All stats +20% buff.

Buff have a timer. Player needs to keep killing monsters to keep buff active.


Primary: kill raidboss, open chest.

Secondary: kill other teams.


Rewards depends on impact (damage done, monsters/players killed).

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