Monetization / Economy

K'ching! $$$

There are two types of economy in Project Apidom - FIAT and Blockchain.

We are not separating players by their beliefs. We all are gamers!

FIAT payments

We are working with Steam and Epic game store. Players can use regular payments provided by these platforms. Also, our payment provider is XSolla. It takes small percentage for infrastructure, so it's better for indie games like us.

All these platforms allow players to use PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Skrillex and etc.

For FIAT users can buy Shard packs, Premium subscription (+15% XP gain and Shard drop), supporters DLCs.

Game is free, but we need funds to develop further.


Our partner WemixPlay will have Project Apidom build ready for blockchain transactions.

Our token $ESSE (Essence) will be paired with Wemix token in the DEX.

Players will use $ESSE as regular currency, purchase the same things as FIAT users.

But, unlike regular gamers, blockchain will allow SELL and TRADE your minted items (weapons, gear) between other players and in the marketplace.


There will be $ESSE tokens available.

800.000.000 (80%) will go to LIQUIDITY.

200.000.000 (20%) will be owned by Team. Vesting: 3% every 3 months.

Base price - 0.01$

No pre-sale.

Staking will provide in-game goods (+15% XP gain and Shard drop).

Minting/Trading require $ESSE.

Free-to-Play players are not bound to token purchases. They can play without it and receive non-NFT items.

Non-NFT items can be minted at any given moment.

$ESSE can't be acquired in regular game. Only during Events or Tournaments.

This will keep the price stable and growing.

Treasury wallet

All tokens for purchases/minting/royalties will be sent to TREASURY WALLET.

From there, TEAM will add liquidity back to pool, and control economy.

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